Kauffer Pilates Ladder Barrel

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This amazing piece of Pilates equipment is amazing for toning your body, increasing your flexibility and helping with rehabilitative care.

The rounded surface is ideal for stretching and strengthening exercises, and the wooden rungs provide versatility and flexibility for different users. Features an adjustable base to accommodate different torso and leg lengths. The ladder barrel is made up of two distinct components, a wooden ladder with many rungs and the padded barrel. The amazing shape of the ladder barrel means you can enjoy easier movement when compared to other equipment. The shape and design of the barrel's rounded surface is there to encourage the spine to move into extension and flexion (backbend to forward bend) in a supportive way, suitable for regular users and gentle enough for rehabilitative care.

Like the trapeze and cadillac, the ladder barrel is one of the original pieces of equipment designed by the inventor of Pilates - Joseph Pilates. Unlike the high quality ones you can buy today, the original Pilates barrel was made out of a beer keg! The modern ones do away with the beer keg, but kept the rounded shape and is now made out of more premium materials like beechwood and pleather.

High quality eyelet hooks on the top of the ladder for adding attachments, using tracks and springs.
The rounded-oblong steel structure gives the user greater security during exercises.

EVA upholstery, more comfortable and durable than regular foam. Does not degrade in the long-time.
Coated in nautical synthetic leather with a classy stitched seam giving a better finish and greater resistance to the upholstery.
Eye hooks positioned on both sides. More possibilities for exercises using tracks and springs.

The Vibra-stop height adjustment gives you the ability to adjust on irregular floors ensuring high impact absorption.

Distance adjustment made in non-stick material. It slides easily and noiseless. It works to mitigate impact.


  • Material: Noble wood and steel
  • Easy and noiseless distance adjustment
  • Vibra-stop: Ensuring equipment doesn't get wobbly over time
  • Two eyelet attachment points on the ladder
  • Two eyelet attachment point on either side of the barrel (2 total)
  • Ultra-durable EVA padded foam
  • Upholstered in nautical grade pleather
  • See Specifications for size


    • Width: 61.5 cm
    • Stair Height: 97cm
    • Barrel height: 91 cm
    • Maximum length: 122 cm


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