Pilates Master PRO Foldable Reformer PM-FOLD-02

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The PILATES MASTER PM-FOLD-02 PRO is a fantastic machine for entry to Intermediate users. It has a very similar upgraded professional carriage to the PM-01 Professional studio model with  5 steel springs.

The Fold 02 Pro facilitates more frequent usage and a wider/heavy duty reformer for the support of heavier builds.. This machine also works fantastically for physios requiring light commercial use at an entry level price.

Features included: Deluxe Detachable Padded Jump-board, Five Springs, Pulley Rises, Wider Carriage

Pilates Master PRO Foldable Reformer PM-FOLD-02

The Pilates Master PRO Foldable Reformer is simply the best value pilates reformer in Australia. Made to our stringent design specifications the Pilates Master is exclusively engineered for Pilates World;  giving you studio quality features on a budget.  Pilates master uses 5 (the industry standard is 4) high-quality springs and 8-wheel “treaded roller” system with high-quality bearings and aluminium rails for whisper-quiet operation and the smoothest carriage glide. You'll also find features included free that are normally reserved for top of the line models such as a jump board, non-slip platform, and foot bar.

  • The new PILATES MASTER 8-wheel “treaded roller” system with high-quality bearings and aluminium rails for whisper quiet operation and the smoothest carriage glide
  • Durable braided ropes with PILATES MASTER cleated rope-clamping system for easy access and adjustability
  • Adjustable high-density padded headrest (2 positions) for neck support
  • Removable high-density padded shoulder rests
  • Double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises
  • Wider than the PM-FOLD-03 high-density EVA foam Padded Carriage is soft but supportive
  • Adjustable reinforced stainless steel foot bar with non-slip padding
  • Beautiful hand-sanded beechwood frame

This model is taking the Australian market by storm as it is a real reformer with solid rollers shaped like F1 racing tyres and also 5 graded piano wire springs.It’s the closest thing to a real reformer except it folds up to half the length and is around 50% the price of a non-fold up reformer.


  • Conveniently and Easily folds away for storage, transportation and convenience
  • Five Deluxe Smooth Springs, 2x green (light resistance) 2x yellow (medium resistance) 1 x red (hard resistance) with removable standing platform
  • Pulley Risers with swivel pulleys provide ergonomic angle of ropes
  • Deluxe Detachable padded jump board

Protective Mat

Whether you are worried about your floors or just want to ensure cleanliness, we offer a Pilates Reformer Protective Mat as well.


Dimensions: L 233cm x W 65cm x Carriage Height 32cm
Weight: 60 kg
Warranty: 1 Year, 120 Days on the Vinyl


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