Pilates Master Hollow Arc Barrel

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  • Strong solid wood frame for sturdiness
  • Beautiful multi-layered laminated wood with satin finish
  • Comfortable high-density EVA foam padding with durable non-slip black vinyl
  • Hollow design that can be inverted for additional stability exercises
  • Lightweight, portable, and stackable


Pilates Master Arc Barrel

Creates a whole new challenge as you work with (or against) gravity on an incline or a decline, as opposed to the mat’s flat surface. Therefore, clients can target range of motion in the hips, shoulders and spine rom a new perspective. For example, when a classic Pilates mat exercise such as a roll-over is transferred onto the arc, you target core muscles in a completely different way. Working on the arc enhances mental focus, concentration and muscle recruitment. The arc works wonderfully as a standalone piece of equipment, or it can be used in combination with other equipment. In one very basic back extension exercise, the client begins seated on the flat portion, or step, facing forward. She/He then performs a spinal extension exercise by leaning backwards over the curved surface of the arc. This is a safe way to perform an articulated spinal extension with the entire length of the spine supported.


Dimensions: 60cm (L) 57cm (W) 19.5cm(H)