Equipment Maintenance Information


It is essential that you undertake regular inspection of all hardware on all the equipment to make sure
every nut, bolt and fastener is secure. Pilates Master equipment can last you many years only if it is regularly maintained and examined for any damage or wear and tear. This guide was created as a reference that will help maintain your equipment and keep it in the best possible condition for your safety and enjoyment. To maintain optimum performance of your Pilates Master equipment we provide some basic tools that will help you service your equipment. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a malfunction that could lead to an unsatisfactory reformer or serious injury.


Ensure that all nuts, bolts and screws are securely fastened. Inspect and make sure all feet are securely attached and make sure to lock in any push pins.


Regularly clean all upholstery on your Pilates Master equipment. We suggest using a soft cloth with a mild non abrasive solution that does not contain silicone. A few drops of eucalyptus oil is a safe option in a water spray bottle as a good way to keep your upholstery fresh. Use it sparingly and make sure you wipe with a dry cloth after use. Beware that some anti-bacterials and strong cleaning products may dry out the vinyl and void any warranty.


Our Pilates Master wood finished reformers are protected with a non-toxic, water-based varnish that is virtually impenetrable. Other than an occasional wipe down using a mild soapy solution or furniture polish, no additional maintenance is necessary.
If your equipment has metal frames then you need to take care to keep all equipment dust and hair free. Uses a mild detergent and wipe down the surface with a damp cloth.


Make sure you remove any debris that might be entwined between the wheel and metal housing, tighten the axles if any wheel ‘play’ is evident. Clean the tracks on a regular basis with a warm, mild soapy water solution and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Failure to do so will effect the smoothness of the ride.


Inspect all springs for signs of wear. Look for deformation, kinks, gaps and corrosion. Springs showing signs of damage must not be used and must be replaced immediately.
Confirm ropes are correctly secured and that the rope adjustment system is properly engaged and locked. Check that the eyelets on the pulley system cannot rotate, if loose; remove. Apply a thread glue solution (eg. loctite) and retighten. You may experience some minor ‘fraying’ on the rope as a result of use. Any ropes that tear or could otherwise fail should be replaced immediately.


All Pilates machines are under warranty for 12 months. Please refer to terms and conditions for further information. For replacement parts, or any further enquiries please contact Pilates World on 07 5665 7900 or email pilatesworld@outlook.com.au