Cadillac Tables

Both Cadillac and Trapeze tables are beneficial to men and women of all ages, regardless of their fitness abilities. The elderly with stability and mobility weaknesses or anyone with physical impairments can greatly benefit from Pilates Trapeze Table. This apparatus is user-friendly and has a stable workout surface for stability. It is beneficial for anyone looking to increase strength, range of motion and stability. Its unique ability to allow for hanging exercises focus on full body integration, back extension and strengthening of the arm, shoulder and core. 

Most Popular Features

The ‘Push Through Bar’ is not only great for footwork, led work, core strengthening but it’s amazing for stretching. Anyone can benefit from the full body integration with this series of exercises. 

The ‘Leg / Arm Spring‘ focuses on the individual extremities, helping to emphasise and correct imbalances and weaknesses in the legs and arms. The individual springs work independently to encourage balanced strength and stability in the extremities. Complements any swimming, running and most athletic training programs. 

The ‘Standing Spring‘ focuses on functional movements, integrating the whole body, working the upper and lower body along with the core. This series focuses on improving standing balance as you work the arms, torso and stabilise the core. 

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