AeroPilates Series 5 Cord Reformer (No Stand) *ON SALE*

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More customization means burning more fat. Now this new AeroPilates 5-cord reformer will make your workout as intense or easy as you desire.

  • Premium High Density Shoulder Pads
  • Optional Fold-able Base Stand
  • 5 Medium Resistance Cords for adjustable resistance
  • Comfortable padded Foot/Hand straps

Please note this product is sold without the stand. This does not affect the operation of the Machine, as they only add extra height.

In addition to the Cardio Rebounder and FootBar, the AeroPilates 5c Reformer (5-Cord Reformer) has many other extra features including:

  • A NEW wider platform for more upper body space
  • Standing Platform to challenge your balance
  • Fur hand grips and a sturdy steel frame capable of supporting 133 kg
  • Even more, the Pulley Risers allow you to adjust the height of the straps, which alters the angle and intensity of each exercise
  • New roller and carriage improvements for smoother operation
  • Wider foot bar
  • 5 Medium Resistance Cords

Using more cords is harder on the major mobilising muscles while fewer cords make the exercise more intense on the core. You can then further customise your workout on the Reformer by utilising either the wider, flared FootBar or AeroPilates’ taller Cardio Rebounder.



119 x 54 x 26cm


Optional Extra Fold-able base: $259




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