Align Pilates C2 Jump Board

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The C2 Jump Board can add an amazing range to your Pilates repertoire.

Primarily by introducing cardio but your Core will also be challenged.

Add plyometric exercises to your Pilates repertoire with stable support from this Align-Pilates Jump Board which can be used with the C1, C1R, C1-Pro, F1, F2 and H1 reformers.

The Jump Board can be added at a later date without requiring modification.

Product details:

Dimensions: 52cm (H) x 58cm (W)

Construction: Steel frame with top quality EVA padding for long lasting memory and excellent shock absorption. Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl.

Compatibility: All C1 series reformers as well as the F1, F2 and H1 Align-Pilates reformers.

Product Features


Beautifully upholstered and strong.

Using a strong steel frame and upholstered Marine Plywood.

It’s large enough to complete a variety of Jumping routines.


Product Specifications

Includes 1 Padded Jump Board.



  • 5 years Frame.
  • 120 days Upholstery.