Align-Pilates C2 Pro 2021 Aluminium Reformer

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C2 Pro RC is the latest Reformer from Align-Pilates. This new model features the Patent pending Rapid Change spring bar.

Widely used in class environments where moving and storing Reformers is necessary. 

Now in its 5th generation, the C2 Pro replaces the C1 Pro, which launched in late 2016. Whilst the C1 Pro introduced a raft of new functionality to the earlier C1 Reformers, including the potential for either full or half cadillac frames, the C2 Pro brings major performance improvements to the series, together with a host of subtle refinements that together make this the leading reformer in its class, whilst still offering unrivalled value for money.

The C2 Pro RC Aluminium Reformer

The all ‘NEW’ Align-Pilates C2 Pro RC Aluminium Reformer can be adapted with the use of brackets to take either a Half Cadillac Tower or Full Cadillac and like its predecessors, it has the ability to free-stand (when not attached to a Half/Full Cadillac).
The Align-Pilates C2 Pro RC Pilates Reformer is a full feature performance Pilates reformer, which uses many of the same quality components as its bigger brother, the A2RII.

The C2 ProRC reformer – use it, love it, wheel it, stand it, jump with it, mat convert it, stack it, raise it, tower or trapeze it……one reformer which adapts to suit your Pilates life, in the Studio, Clinic or home. Components from the C2 Pro like the full and half Cadillac frame are also cross compatible with A-Series machines giving you additional possibilities as your studio grows.


  • Class leading travel:now 106.5cm up from 100.5cm on previous models
  • Long carriage now increased to 92cm up from 86cm on previous models
  • Resistance:5 nickel plated quality music wire springs 3 different strengths (2 light, 2 medium and 1 strong)
  • Lockable foot bar positions with 4 positions including flat
  • Removable rope risers with 7 height positions (if extension legs are used)
  • Rapid rope length adjustment system that adjusts both ropes simultaneously, with 7 rope length variations
  • Height adjustable feet for perfect alignment
  • Align-Pilates ‘Silent’ system with metal free double loop handles, ropes & foot strap and now patented silent pulleys for a super quiet user experience
  • 3 position head rest
  • Space saving – The C2-Pro is wheeled for ease of movement and storage and can be stacked or stood against a wall. It can “free stand” when selected with the extension leg option
  • Improved anodised aluminium runners with new self-centering carriage for smooth
  • New self-lubricating German engineered plastic wheels for a smoother quieter ride and dramatically reduced maintenance
  • ISO20957-1 Class S Item. Max User Weight:150kg. Suitable for users:145cm – 193cm (4’10” – 6’4”)

Equipment Testing

Passed Cycle Testing to European ISO Standard 20957 Class S – a requirement for all commercially used Stationary Training Equipment used in Europe :

Testing ISO 20957 Class S Cycle Tested for maximum user weight of 150Kg

ISO Test spec – Pull the carriage using the reformer ropes for 80% of maximum travel distance – performing the motion smoothly with no shocks with:

  • All springs attached
  • Carriage loaded with max user weight limit of 150Kg
  • Rope pulleys set in the highest position on the Rope riser for maximum leverage
  • Test standard for class S (commercial use) is 100,000 cyclesThe CX1000 PRO test was conducted in May 2016 for over 106,000 cycles. The reformer was fully operational at the end of the testing.


  • Adjustable foot strap,
  • Pair Silent double loop handles and Silent ropes,
  • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs (2 x Light (Blue), 2 x Medium (Red), 1 x Strong (Green)).

Differences between the C2 Pro reformer and its predecessor the C1 Pro Pilates Reformer:

  • 6cm of extra the travel allowing for a class leading 106.5cm of travel in the same footprint as the C1 Pro
  • An extra 6cm of useable length on the reformer carriage (now 73cm from the shoulder rest or 92cm long in total) making the machine better suited to taller people, but taking up no more space than the previous C models!
  • A new internal runner design with a self-centering carriage, and new self-lubricating German engineered plastic wheels for the smoothest and quietest ride possible, whilst reducing maintenance and cleaning requirements!
  • New patented silent pulleys that eliminate noise from the pulley and pulley spring which combined with the existing silent ropes and handles make the reformer the quietest available
  • The foot bar is now lockable with a single locking pin that has a slot to store the pin when not in use

Compatibility with other C Series reformers

Despite all the changes the C2 Pro, all the earlier C Series accessories remain compatible e.g. the mattress insert, standing platform, leg extensions, half and full Cadillac frames. This makes using C2 Pro’s in the same studio as C1* reformers a breeze and levers on any earlier investments in the series. Furthermore for those already invested in earlier C Series machines, there is almost 100% backward compatibility for spare parts, as this is one of the cornerstones of Align-Pilates’ design principles.




  • Reformer only:235 (L) x 66 (W) x 24cm (H)
  • Reformer with Leg Extensions:235 x 66 x 42cm
  • Standing height for storage:238cm
  • Weight:59kg (GW)


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