Align Pilates C2 RC Pro - Half Trapeze Reformer Bundle

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The C2 RC PRO 2020 model  Pilates reformer and half trapeze bundle is the perfect way to save on costs but not on performance. You can choose the option of Standard height (23cm) or the 42 cm extended leg option ( extra price for higher legs) .

The following is what is included with your Align Pilates Half Trapeze Reformer Bundle:

Included Accessories: 

  • C2 Pro Reformer
  • Stainless Steel HALF TRAPEZE frame
  • Maple roll down bar
  • Aluminum push through bar with rapid adjust height changers
  • Quick release safety strap
  • 1 pair of foot straps
  • 1 pair of paddle grips
  • 2 pairs of rapid adjust double eyelet spring holders
  •  Attachment bracket mounting trapeze to reformer, tools and instructions
  • "A" Extender small over springs Platform
  • "B" Extender large Platform

Note: Sitting box, Jumpboard, and 42cm higher legs are optional extras. Call Pilates World if you need more information

Spring Package:

Quality nickel plated music wire springs:

  • 2 x 47cm Very Light
  • 2 x 47cm Light
  • 2 x 64cm Light
  • 2 x 64cm Strong
  • 8 Aluminium Carabineer
  • 8 Double snaps




Product height details:
  • Height with low legs: 199cm
  • Height with standard legs: 213cm
  • Height with rehab legs: 235cm#
  •  Align-Pilates C2 Pilates reformer with Standard Legs (23 cm)
  •  C2 – Pro Half Cadillac Tower & bracket
  •  Part A Platform Extender
  •  Part B Mattress converter
  • Solid maple standing platform
  • Adjustable foot strap,
  • Pair Silent double loop handles and Silent ropes,
  • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs (2 x Light (Blue), 2 x Medium (Red), 1 x Strong (Green)).


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