Align Pilates C2 RC PRO Wood Look Reformer

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The latest Reformer from Align Pilates. The 2020 C2 RC WL Pro has some outstanding new features. Read on below.

  • Longer travel 
  • Longer carriage to cater for longer torsos.
  • Patented Silent Pulley system to reduce noise.
  • Lockable Footbar
  • New shaped runner which provides a constant smooth glide.
  • Includes the latest High Strength wheels for reduced maintenance. 

Currently only available with the premium wood look finish. (Tougher than plain Anodised finish and looks exactly like wood, giving you the perfect wood look reformer.)

The C2 RC Pro Wood WL Look Reformer uses some of the latest printing technology, giving us a product which does look exactly like wood. The beauty of the print is it has an extremely tough finish with the soft look of wood.

Not to mention the strength and longevity of steel and all the accessories of the C2-1000 Pro models.

We are proud to say this is a World first in Reformers and as per all our Align products, it’s a combination of Australian and British design.

  • Commercial warranty – perfect for Studio and home use.
  • Optional Half Trapeze
  • Optional Full Trapeze
  • Space saving – the C2 Pro is wheeled & easy to move and store, it can be stood up against a wall or *free stands with the optional leg extensions. Can be stacked in head to toe format.
  • Highly adjustable with: 4 spring bar, 4 footbar, 6 rope height positions and height-adjustable feet.
  • Anodised aluminum runners with matched 4 wheel system for smooth & maintenance-free operation.
  • Optional Jump Board or Trampoline (Also fits Patented Stott Pilates Cardio Rebound Trampoline)
  • Removable Shoulder Pads.
  • One step rope adjust to adjust both at once.
  • Lockable Footbar.

Equipment Testing

Passed Cycle Testing to European ISO Standard 20957 Class S – a requirement for all commercially used Stationary Training Equipment used in Europe :

Testing ISO 20957 Class S Cycle Tested for a maximum user weight of 150Kg

ISO Test spec – Pull the carriage using the reformer ropes for 80% of maximum travel distance – performing the motion smoothly with no shocks with:

  • All springs attached
  • Rope pulleys set in the highest position on the Rope riser for maximum leverage
  • Test standard for class S (commercial use) is 100,000 cycles. The CX1000 PRO test was conducted in May 2016 for over 106,000 cycles. The reformer was fully operational at the end of the testing.
  • Solid black standing platform
  • Adjustable foot strap
  • Pair Silent double loop handles and Silent ropes



Standard sized reformer, with a generous 105.5cm of carriage travel and comfortable 58cm (w)x 90.5cm (L) carriage.

Comes with 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs (2 x Light (Blue), 2 x Medium (Red), 1 x Strong (Green)).

Carriage loaded with max user weight limit of 150Kg

Leg extension option raises height from 24 cm to 42cm.

Total length 239 cm. Designed to fit under Australian standard ceiling height. (240 cm) (Note : Removing Pulley adjustment knobs can reduce length further)

Ships 80% assembled and ready to use. Weighs only 49Kg. (Carriage is packed separately.)


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