Align Pilates Framed Sitting Box

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Dimensions: 70 cm (L) x 40 cm (W) x 28 cm (H).


Weight: Approximately 7.5 kg

Warranty: 120 days on upholstery. 2 Years on steel

The Align-Pilates sitting box makes many seated and prone exercises more comfortable. An endless possibility of challenges are provided when the box is used with a Pilates Reformer.

The Align-Pilates sitting box is suitable for use on all brand of Pilates Machine and offers top quality finishing and the best value sitting box available in Australia.
Covered with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery and supported by a welded frame.

Full assembly required (approximately 10 minutes).


Exercises using the Sitting Box

Back Rowing Series:

  • Chest expansion
  • External rotation 
  • Rowing
  • Open the window
  • Triceps 
  • Biceps


Front Rowing Series:

  • Reverse biceps
  • Offering 1 (arms extending)
  • Offering 2 (arms opening)
  • Reaching forward
  • Teardrops
  • Hug a tree
  • Salute
  • Overhead triceps


Side Arm Series:

  • External rotation
  • Internal rotation
  • Abduction 1 (bent elbow)
  • Horizontal abduction 1 (bent elbow)
  • Draw a sword


Prone Arms Long Box Series:

  • Overhead scapula setting
  • Swan preparation 
  • Overhead press 1 (shoulders)
  • Overhead press 2 (triceps)
  • Plough 
  • Airplane
  • Prone triceps


Short Box Series:

  • Sides over the box
  • Mermaid


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