Align Fuse Ladder

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The Fuse Ladder appeals to students and teachers who want a resistance or bodyweight training, functional fitness workout that is tough, unique, and ever-changing.
The Fuse Ladder is inexpensive compared to reformers and/or weight machines and takes up much less space.
Furthermore, the same space that hosts Ladder classes can be used for mat-based classes, doubling your studio’s offering. The Fuse Ladder is a powerhouse of a workout with major curb appeal (everyone from barre aficionados to HIIT instructors are swooning over this tough workout). Plus, it is unbelievably fun, capturing moves you have not done since you were a kid on the playground.

8-in-1 WORKOUT

The Fuse Ladder delivers the best benefits of your favorite workouts in a single apparatus that is smart, space-saving, and affordable 

• Pilates

• Yoga

• Cardio

• Barre

• Strength Training

• Balance Training

• Flexibility Training

• Suspension Training

The most versatile & effective full-body workout apparatus for your home or studio.