Kauffer Pilates Cadillac Table

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Kauffer Cadillac

The Kauffer Cadillac offers strength in the right measure and incomparable durability. The Kauffer Cadillac is made from fine wood and brushed stainless steel, ensuring great strength and durability. The structure of the Kauffer Pilates Cadillac is made of stainless steel with joints of cast steel giving you greater strength and accuracy in your equipment. The structure of the Kauffer is made of fine reforested wood and has no knots. The wood has been finished with a satin matte varnish making it resistant to moisture and scratches.


The Kauffer Cadillac has been upholstered with comfortable and durable EVA padding that does not deform during use. The EVA padding does not deform during use and has been coated in nautical synthetic leather with a stitched seam. A stitched seam provides greater aesthetics and resistance to wear and tear.

Vertical Bar

The vertical bar has 7 predefined settings. Each bar has been developed with polyacetal moulded parts offering extremely sturdy, accurate and smooth sliding. The bar that completes the set is made of brushed stainless steel with 4 eye hooks.

Frame Structure

The frame structure features polyacetal supports, giving the machine excellent stability with parts moulded with a high precision mould. The frame also has eye hooks positioned on the legs giving you the flexibility to perform a wider range of exercises with springs.

Horizontal Sliding Bar

The horizontal bar has tightening screws for complete positioning freedom along the frame. The parts that attach the bar to the frame is made of custom injection moulded polyacetate and is extremely resistant to damage. The polyacetate itself ensures that the parts move freely over the frame. The bar itself is made of brushed stainless steel.

Push Through Bar

The push through bar features a wider range of handle and has a brilliant finish with automotive-quality paint that brings beauty and strength to the piece. The contact area with your hands and feet has been coated with vulcanised rubber making it sweat resistant and easy to grip. The addition of a safety bar prevents the push through bar from accidentally rotating while performing certain exercises. This safety bar makes the equipment much steadier when used with only one spring. The push through bar has 3 preset positions available. The push through bar can be adjusted through rectangular knobs without needing to unscrew the knobs to release the push-through bar granting easier height adjustment and security when adjusting.

Trapeze Bar

The padded trapeze bar offers you greater comfort during your exercises. The strap on the trapeze bar has a neoprene finish. The spring sleeves are coated in the same nautical synthetic leather, preventing hair from getting caught in the springs.


The springs don't need to be removed. This is ideal as their positioning doesn't interrupt exercises and won't touch the ground. The springs themselves have been coated in a special automotive-grade e-coat finish. E-coat finishing keeps the springs newer for longer as it is extremely corrosion resistant and improves the quality and durability (especially when compared to nickel-plated springs).

Features and Accessories

  • Fuzzy hanging strap (pair)
  • Foot / hand loops (pair)
  • Handles (pair)
  • Safety strap (1)
  • Support strap (1)
  • Abdomen strap (1)
  • Springs (10)
  • Carabiners (22)
  • Roll-down bar
Protective Mat

Whether you are worried about your floors or just want to ensure cleanliness, we offer a Pilates Reformer Protective Mat as well.


Physical Dimensions: 
Width: 80 cm 
Height: 217.5 cm 
Length: 236 cm 
Bed height: 63 cm


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