Kauffer Wunda Chair / Step Chair

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The handles are made of burnished stainless steel for a beautiful and resilient finish. The hilt has been coated with handlebar tape which is most commonly used by performance cyclists because of its smooth but still easy-to-grip texture. The tape can be removed for a complete clean. By design, the handles have been manufactured with a larger width providing better adjustment to the hands.



The structure of the Kauffer Pilates Wunda Chair (Step Chair) is made of noble reforested wood without knots. The structure has been finished with an opaque satin varnish leaving the wood resistant to humidity and scuffs. The rest of the structure itself is made of steel. Steel provides higher durability, less abrasion and higher stability during exercises - especially when contrasted with wood. None of the structure will become slack over time.


Handle Supports

The handle supports have been produced with molten aluminium which has been precision moulded to provide higher stability for the handle. Its innovative design makes it easy to visualise the handle's fittings, facilitating easy height adjustment. There are 2 colour options available, both of which are in automotive-quality paint. The self-lubricating waddings allow for a smooth slide along the handles.


Height Adjustment

The Kauffer Wunda Chair (Step Chair) has 5 levels of height adjustments. With each adjustment you are guaranteed stability through both of the adjustment handles. The lower adjustment handles provide tightness and rigidity to the handle lowering abrasions.



The Kauffer Wunda Chair (Step Chair) has been upholstered in beautiful back-stitched nautical synthetic leather with an EVA padding layer underneath. EVA is much more comfortable and resistant than foam and does not deform over time.



The pedals on the Kauffer Wunda Chair are made of Lyptus wood. Lyptus wood is a hybrid of two Eucalyptus trees and is grown in Brazil. Lyptus wood is an environmentally friendly alternative to oak, cherry and mahogany. The pedals themselves can be used independently or grouped. The self lubricating waddles positioned by the sides of the pedals provides a faster restraining through the use of massif (hard) wood. The pedals are also upholstered with EVA and have been shaped to better fit the hands and feet.
UMHW (material) rests for springs leave the springs resistant to impact and abrasion. The pedal supports have been precisely moulded and produced in a material that is not only extremely resistant to impact and traction but also provides smoother and noiseless movements. The pedal axis is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel construction means that the parts won't get rusty over time and provides a noiseless experience during exercise.



The Vibra-stop height adjustment gives you the ability to use the chair on irregular floors ensuring high impact absorption.



The springs adjustment system has a practical design where the spring adjustment is handled through bands, with no need to touch the springs. The springs themselves feature the same high quality e-coat finish as all quality Kauffer products. The automotive-grade e-coating leaves the springs corrosion resistant and improves their durability. (Especially in comparison with nickel plated springs).


Kauffer Pilates Wunda Chair (Step Chair) Accessories

  • Springs (4)

Protective Mat


Whether you are worried about your floors or just want to ensure cleanliness, we offer a Pilates Reformer Protective Mat as well.


  • Width: 80 cm
  • Height (with cane): 134 cm
  • Length: 80.6 cm
  • Seat height: 63 cm


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