USED Kauffer Pilates Professional Designer Wood Reformer

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The Kauffer Reformer has a smooth sliding 8 wheel carriage system supported on corrosion-resistant and easy to clean aluminum rails. The chassis structure itself is made of steel and was designed to accommodate people with big stature. The wooden components of the Kauffer Reformer is made of fine-grade knot-free reforested wood and finished with a satin matte varnish leaving it resistant to moisture and scratches.


The polypropylene support tape does not scratch or damage the springs. The Kauffer Reformer also features EVA padding. EVA padding is more comfortable and durable than regular foam as it does not deform during use. The EVA padding is all coated in nautical synthetic leather and features a stitched seam, leading to a better finish and greater resistance and lifespan of the upholstery.


The springs themselves have a special e-coat finish is often used in the automotive industry for high-protection finishing. The e-coat finish features high anti-corrosion protection, especially when compared to regular nickel-plated springs. The springs are positioned far from the end of the carriage enabling a more agile and practical setting where springs with handles ease new fittings into the gear bar making handling much easier. The gear bar itself is made of solid steel giving you more security and resistance.

Gear levels

This machine has 3 gear levels. In order to facilitate fitting and prevent scratches, the fastener bar has been coated in polyethylene and is ultra resistant to impact and wear from abrasion. Keeping your machine newer for longer.


The aluminum and brushed stainless steel foot bar is lighter and more durable. It has been finished with a non-stick automotive painting method. The foot bar has safety latches on both sides offering more stability in exercises. The EVA upholstered extension board is also coated in the same nautical synthetic leather granting you better comfort and ergonomics. This extension board allows your feet to be positioned at the same height as the carriage during exercise. The extension board has easy adjustment and can be reversed to move closer towards the carriage.


The Kauffer Reformer features 5 predefined adjustment positions granting greater ease in adjusting the string height. Also features noiseless stainless steel support springs.

The new 6 pulley system (4 at base 2 under carriage) and a single rope with the exclusive lock developed by Kauffer, you can use the string freely or with two independent sides. Adjusting the distance between the straps is more agile and convenient saving time in class. It also prevents the practitioner from accidentally putting too much pressure on one side of the rope.

Shoulder Rests

The shoulder rests on the system have an easy-lock system. You have two choices for the distance between the ergonomically designed shoulder rests. In addition to fitting the shoulders much better, they are padded at the top allowing for comfort in exercises that require support from the hands or feet. Shoulder pads are coated in 3 layers of padding to comfort you regardless of how rigorous your regime.


The headrest has 3 configurations for height.