WIRK Standup Workstation Desk

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Do you want to be your own boss? Well, we can't do that for you, that's up to you. Sorry. But, we can help you fight the ill-effects of sitting in your office chair all day long, which include heart disease, high blood pressure, worse mental health, and on and on. The WIRK Linea Standup Workstation allows you to stand up while you work. Or lean. Or Sit. You decide! Which IS kind of like being your own boss, so... you're welcome.

The WIRK Linea from Stamina Products has a patented built-in seat. The Linea is fully adjustable to fit your ergonomic work position. You can adjust the work surface height and angle, seat height and angle, and even decide which side you want to put that cat themed coffee mug (don't lie, we've seen it).

So, get your WIRK on with the WIRK Linea. Heck, the Linea will even hold your pens for you. It's cool like that.



WIRK Standup Workstation Desk

It's been proven in many studies that sitting all day hunched over your keyboard is bad for you. Help mitigate these risks with the ergonomic WIRK Standup Workstation Desk.


The health benefits of the Stand Up Desk include, but are not limited to:

    • Better circulation

    • Increased energy

    • More active metabolism

    • Less fatigue

    • General alertness and well being


    • Built in adjustable seat

    • Adjustable work surface

    • Flat mug/mouse/notepad - surface can be put on left or right

    • Steel frame

    • Wheels for portability

    • Pen holder