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Aussie Pilates Full Trapeze Reformer

One of Australia's best-selling Studio and Phsyio Full Trapeze. Versatile use. 

100% Maple wood ( NOT  much poorer quality Oakwood/ patch wood)

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 Aussie Pilates has set the standard for pilates equipment with its latest design concepts and outstanding performance, allowing users to maximise their results and gain even greater control over their workouts. 

The new footbar and springbar systems allow for greater customisation and precision while being easy to adjust, minimising interruptions to your workout and allowing you to maintain the flow to your exercises and routines. 

The rail structure system provides a rock solid yet smooth carriage ride and offers greater frame stability and the option to extend or limit the carriage range of motion is on offer with the use of multiple holes for carriage stoppers along the frame. 

With a beautifully unique 100% Canadian maplewood design, the reformer is provided with a lighter coloured finish and paired with the black upholstery and attachments, the overall aesthetic and colour scheme is impressive to the eye.  

The Aussie Pilates Full Trapeze is the ultimate piece of equipment that provides the user with a wide range of potential uses and exercises using its many attachments and features. Whether you're wanting to use a standard reformer or turn the entire bed into a useable area to perform intricate exercises with the trapeze frame and bars- this full trapeze setup will be an excellent asset.  

Package Includes: 

  • Reformer and Full Trapeze Frame
  • Trapeze Attachments (as pictured)
  • Jumpboard and Sitting Box
  • Extending Platform / Mat
  • Padded standing platform