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Pilates World is committed to supplying the largest range of Pilates reformer machines and fitness equipment for those looking to improve their functional movement, flexibility, alignment and strength. 

Whether you are a Pilates Instructor or just looking to incorporate Pilates into your life, Pilates World has the widest collection of Pilates machines for sale at affordable prices to keep you on track to break through plateaus and boast a firm and toned dream body.

Using a Pilates Reformer at Home

The great thing about Pilates is that it can be tailored to you personally. Free yourself from a studio’s schedule and immerse yourself in your fitness with pilates beds for sale you can use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Kit out your home studio and check out our range of home-use Pilates machines. Contact our staff to quickly find the best reformer for you, keeping in mind your personal needs and budget.

We also have a range of second-hand Pilates machines that maintain the same Pilates World quality. All reformers are individually checked by our team of professionals to adhere to strict quality standards.

Commercial Pilates Machines

Pilates World has a large range of brand new spine correctors and ladder barrels. We also offer a large range of Wunda Chairs and Cadillac Tables.

We are one of the country’s largest importers and retailers of Pilates equipment. We bring the benefits of our sourcing power to find and stock the best Pilates machines Australia offers at the most reasonable prices.

Our collection of Pilates Reformers, Half Trapezes, Full Trapezes, Cadillac Tables include some of the country’s most trusted brands.

Australia Wide Shipping and Delivery

When you purchase from Pilates World, you gain the benefits of our complete customer service focus. Our team can help you to arrange delivery directly to your home so you can sooner define, tone and tighten your skin, muscles and body.

At Pilates World, we strive not only to bring you the best Pilates machines for sale in Australia but to make the purchase and shipping processes as convenient as possible.

Find the Best Pilates Reformers in Australia at Pilates World

We stock the best Pilates machines to help increase the benefits you can see from your regular Pilates sessions. We sell direct to customer, and offer everything from great specials and a large range of options for your Pilates machine. We offer in-home and also commercial Pilates equipment and reformers Australia wide. 

Our buying power, commitment to only the best quality brands, expertise and professionalism make Pilates World the preferred supplier for professionals around the country. 

If you need help finding the right machine, don’t hesitate to contact us for friendly advice and assistance — we’re always happy to help.

Find the best Pilates machine for sale to suit your purpose at Pilates World when you browse our entire online catalogue.

Home use Pilates Reformers.

Professional use Pilates Reformers.

The Benefits of Using a Pilates Reformer

A Pilates machine is designed to help you in achieving the correct form in each exercise in a Pilates routine. Pilates can be practised without machinery however, our Pilates reformers will give you extra capacity to improve your technique, tighten your core and strengthen your muscles and endurance. With a Pilates reformer, you will deepen your workout and achieve higher rates of fitness success. A Pilates machine allows you to perform and hold key Pilates poses safely while minimising the risk of injury due to instability or falls. Pilates World is Australia's go-to for the best Pilates Reformers, Pilates Equipment and customer service, contact our friendly staff today for a great deal.