Pilates Reformer Neck Pillows

Say goodbye to flimsy neck pillows for Pilates that lose their firmness and deform over time, and say hello to premium, long-lasting support. From latex Pilates pillows that elevate the head to reduce neck pain to curved neck Pilates pillows for reformer machines, our range is crafted with high-quality foam to maintain its shape even after years of use.

Finish your Pilates routines without discomfort

Ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind, our Pilates neck pillows feature firm and supportive cushioning to offer better placement for the upper back when on the floor. They are crafted to provide superior support and promote proper cervical spine alignment, allowing you to perform a series of reformer workouts like spine stretches, leg circles and shoulder bridges without pain or a strained neck.

Plus, our Pilates reformer neck pillows are upholstered with thick vinyl leather that doesn't easily rip and is convenient to wipe clean. They also come with straps, so you can tightly secure them to your reformer machines, providing added stability and peace of mind that your Pilates neck pillow won't slide or move during your routines.

Sourced from industry-leading brands

As Australia's largest retailer of Pilates equipment and accessories, Pilates World is committed to sourcing our top-of-the-line Pilates neck support pillows from industry-leading brands in the country and across the globe, such as Aussie Pilates and Kauffer Pilates. This ensures we can provide you with reliable neck pillows for Pilates that meet the highest standards of quality, comfort and durability — so you can commit to daily sessions without pain or discomfort following your workout.

All-around versatility

Not just for reformer machines — our Pilates pillows can be used for floor exercises, ensuring you maintain the correct positioning and alignment to reduce strain on your neck and spine as you practice stretches or perform continuous Pilates mat workouts.

Fitness on the move

Our sleek Pilates neck support pillows are travel-friendly, so you can carry them wherever you go. Whether heading to the gym or travelling for work or vacation, their compact design makes them the perfect companion for your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

Invest in a long-lasting Pilates neck support pillow from Pilates World today

Regardless of whether you favour Pilates on reformer machines or on yoga mats, our selection of neck pillows for Pilates promises unmatched comfort and support. Depend on them for continuous stability and to prevent strain throughout your exercises.

Aside from Pilates reformer neck pillows, we also offer an extensive range of top-notch Pilates equipment and accessories, such as reformer machines, Pilates rings, spine correctors and more. Pilates World offers Australia-wide delivery for every order, so shop from our collection today to enjoy speedy delivery to your doorstep just in time for your next workout.

If you want to take a closer look at our Pilates pillow for reformers or ask for expert advice regarding any of our Pilates equipment and accessories, we invite you to come and visit us at our showroom located at 10/4 Dalton Street, Upper Coomera. It's open to the public, and our team is ready to welcome you and address your Pilates needs.


  • What are Pilates neck pillows?

    Pilates neck pillows are typically attached to reformer machines. They provide support and help you maintain proper cervical spine alignment so you can move comfortably without straining your neck during your Pilates workouts.

  • How do you use Pilates reformer neck pillows?

    Using the straps, fasten your Pilates reformer neck pillows on the carriage where you intend to rest your head. Adjust the positioning of the pillows and ensure they don't wobble or move around to safeguard your comfort and safety during your Pilates sessions.