Pilates Rings

Pilates Rings - Great for strengthening your upper and lower body muscles with soft foam grips.

Superior Fitness Magic Circle for Toning Thighs, Abs and Legs.

Experience a holistic workout that targets both your upper and lower body muscles with our selection of Pilates fitness rings. These versatile fitness tools offer a comprehensive solution for strengthening and toning your physique. Plus, our Pilates rings feature soft foam grips to ensure comfort during every session.

Using a Pilates ring

When it comes to sculpting your thighs, defining your abs and toning your legs, Pilates rings reign supreme as a multipurpose exercise tool. Also known as magic circles, they are great for doing strength workouts at home, such as:

  • Chest presses
  • Inner thigh squeezes
  • Leg presses
  • Bridges with hip abduction
  • Arm presses
  • Seated abdominal crunches
  • Seated twists

Doing these exercises with a Pilates ring can help you maintain proper posture throughout your workout, thus reducing your risk for injuries and making each move you do more effective. Moreover, Pilates rings can increase resistance for a low-impact strength workout.

Transform your body with Pilates World — your fitness companion

Say goodbye to problem areas and hello to a sleeker, more toned you. Discover how magic circles can elevate your fitness routine and deliver impressive results when you shop the best Pilates rings in Australia at Pilates World.

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  • Do Pilates rings work?

    Yes, Pilates rings can be effective for certain fitness goals and purposes when used correctly and as part of a well-rounded exercise routine.

  • What size Pilates ring should I buy?

    This depends on your body frame and how much resistance you’d like during your workouts. At Pilates World, our Pilates rings are 36-38 cm in diameter, perfect for individuals of average body size looking for a versatile and effective tool to enhance their practice.

  • Do Pilates rings have different resistance levels?

    Yes, the resistance level is determined by the size and material of your Pilates ring. Our rings have soft grips to ensure comfort and effectiveness throughout your workout.

  • Is a Pilates ring good for inner thighs?

    Yes, they’re great for resistance training and isolating the muscles of the inner thighs. Shop our rings to incorporate inner thigh squeezes into your workout today