Pilates Reformers

Reformer Pilates helps you gain strength and muscle tone, build endurance and stamina and maintain your fitness over longer durations. Our fantastic range of Pilates reformer machines can help you reach your fitness goals by using professionally designed equipment from some of the best manufacturers in the world. Browse our online collection today and chat with our friendly and proactive staff to discover the best Pilates reformer machine for you. Pilates World offers variety of premium pilates reformers ideal for home users or for studio/gym. Suitable for clinical pilates & physiotherapy pilates.

A fully stocked collection of Reformer machines at Pilates World

At Pilates World, you will find a complete range of new and used Pilates Reformers for commercial and home use. We pride ourselves on having the most competitive collection of Pilates equipment, including everything from the latest in Pilates reformer machine designs to all the accessories you need to perfect your sessions.

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  • What is Reformer Pilates?

    Reformer Pilates combines the traditional movements of Pilates with the use of a specially designed machine to achieve greater resistance during your workout. Reformer Pilates is a great way to enhance a conventional Mat Pilates routine to achieve greater fitness levels.

  • What is Reformer Pilates good for?

    The resistance provided by a Pilates Reformer bed allows people to expand their traditional Mat Pilates workouts to achieve better muscle tone through a more versatile range of movements. This Pilates style is often used in rehabilitation programs for injuries and to aid in the weight loss benefits that Pilates can provide overall.

  • What do you wear for Reformer Pilates?

    What you would wear to a Reformer Pilates session is the same as what you should wear to a Mat Pilates session. Light, breathable fabrics that allow your body to bend and stretch freely and maintain a free range of movement are the best types of workout clothes for any Pilates session.

  • How much is a Reformer Pilates machine?

    If you are looking to buy a Pilates Reformer online, there is a range of options available to you in our online store — so you can find something that aligns with your budget. Our new and second-hand options and our specials page will help you find a Pilates Reformer for sale that is not only right for you but at a price that is right too.

  • How do you use a Pilates reformer machine?

    A Pilates Reformer bed is best used initially under the supervision of a professional. A range of movements and exercises can be performed using the pulley systems incorporated into these machines that help you work key muscles in your body in a low-impact and highly successful way.

  • Why is Reformer Pilates good for you?

    Reformer Pilates allows you to grow and expand the movements within your workout routine with the additional stability and resistance that the Pilates Reformer bed provides. The use of Reformer machinery makes for the safest workout environment and will gain you the most benefits from your Pilates workout.