Commercial and Professional Use Pilates Reformers

Elevate your practice to new heights with the latest of reformer features, ergonomic designs, and unparalleled durability from cutting-edge industry leaders like Pioneer Pilates, Aussie Pilates and Kauffer Pilates. At Pilates World, we understand the importance of investing in your well-being, and our Professional Reformers embody our commitment to your fitness journey. 

We can even help with your studio design by estimating how many reformers you can comfortably fit into your space. We have an ex-Commercial Real Estate Agent on staff who can recommend lease negotiations as they apply to pilates studios e.g. make good clauses, lease term option clauses, town planning issues and car parking issues. Contact our enthusiastic staff today.

Our specialised commercial Pilates reformer range includes the standard Pilates Reformers, Wunda chairs/Combo chairs, Ladder Barrels, wall units, Cadillac tables, Half and Full trapeze reformers and replacement parts.

With one of the most extensive showrooms in Australia, you can visit us to test your equipment before purchasing and receive friendly and trained professional advice. We also offer a free and no-obligation video conferencing session through Facetime or Skype for those who cannot visit us in-store.

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