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Pioneer Pilates Wooden Spine Corrector (with pole)


PIONEER PILATES PROFESSIONAL SPINE CORRECTOR (Includes pole but not shown in pictures)

This Spine corrector is the desired choice for Pilates studios and Physio practices that need a better quality finish, especially with the foam/ vinyl quality. 

The Spine Corrector is a supreme tool for improving thoracic mobility, scapular stability, functional upper body strength and global posture.

The Pioneer Pilates Wooden Spine Corrector is a versatile, super light, low-cost Step Barrel for your Pilates Studio that is perfect for professionals or home users!

The special design makes our spine corrector perfect for:

Personal training

Group exercise instructors

Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists. 

Commercial grade quality, designed for Studio use and made with superior materials for improved function and better ergonomics. The elongated arch is compatible with a wider range of body types.

Three exercise tools in one:

•Spine Corrector. Lie back and extend your arms for a spine opening position to breathe deep into.

•An Exercise Arc. The asymmetrical shape is highly versatile for creative exercises.

•A Wedge for your Pilates Reformer. Add variety to your reformer and use it to provide back support and stability for an increased variety of strength & mobility challenges.