Pilates Wunda Chairs

Experience a full-body workout with a Wunda Chair from Pilates World

Looking to elevate your next Pilates workout? Put your balance, endurance and core strength to the test with an Australian Wunda Chair!

The Wunda Chair is a compact and versatile piece of Pilates equipment designed to enhance strength, flexibility and overall body awareness. Its unique design consists of a sturdy frame, a padded seat and adjustable springs, providing resistance and support for various exercises.

From seated exercises that target the core to standing exercises that enhance balance and stability, the Wunda Chair allows you to perform a full-body workout with precision and control. Its adjustable springs allow you to modify resistance levels, accommodating beginners and advanced Pilates lovers.

Why incorporate a Pilates Wunda Chair in your next Pilates workout? 

  • Core strength and stability — The chair's design encourages activation of the deep abdominal muscles, promoting a strong and stable core. By engaging the core throughout various exercises, you can develop a balanced and well-supported body.
  • Improved flexibility and mobility — The Wunda Chair enables you to perform exercises that stretch and lengthen your muscles, increasing overall flexibility and range of motion. Regular use can alleviate muscle tension and improve joint mobility, allowing for greater ease of movement.
  • Enhanced balance and body awareness — The chair's unstable surface challenges your balance, forcing you to engage smaller stabilising muscles. As a result, you'll develop better perception, improving coordination and control in your daily activities.
  • Versatility and convenience — Its compact size makes it ideal for home use or studio settings with limited space. It can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing Pilates routine, adding variety and new challenges to keep you motivated and engaged.

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  • What is a Wunda Chair used for?

    The Wunda Chair is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment used for various exercises to enhance strength, flexibility and endurance. Our customers love using their Wunda Chairs to increase core strength, balance, stability, flexibility and range of motion.

  • Why is the Wunda Chair so hard?

    While the Wunda Chair may initially feel challenging, it’s important to remember that Pilates is designed to be adaptable to different fitness levels. With practice, patience and proper guidance, the difficulty of Wunda Chair exercises can be gradually overcome. As your strength, stability and body awareness improve, the chair becomes a valuable tool for enhancing your Pilates practice and achieving your fitness goals.

  • Are Pilates Wunda Chairs worth it?

    Pilates Wunda Chairs can be a valuable investment for individuals committed to their Pilates practice and looking to enhance their workouts. They add versatility to your workouts, improve strength and flexibility and are useful in injury prevention.