Pilates Ladder Barrels

Complete your studio or home reformer routine with a Pilates ladder barrel. At Pilates World, we offer ladder barrels and spine correctors for those wanting to build advanced core strength and flexibility. 

A ladder barrel is a versatile piece of Pilates equipment that can be used for strengthening and stretching alike. The barrel itself is a rounded surface that is connected to a ladder. The ladder is adjustable — both the ladder and barrel sit on top of a sliding base that is also adjustable. 

This versatility means that a Pilates ladder barrel can accommodate all kinds of torso and leg lengths. You can also adjust your ladder barrel based on your flexibility, which means you can chart your progression as you continue to use the machine. 

You can also use a ladder barrel alongside other Pilates home equipment since different machines will give you different types of workouts. 

You can opt to use ladder barrels on days when you want to focus primarily on slow and controlled movements. When you feel like you want more of a cardio workout, you can use a Pilates reformer

Ladder barrels are also great for beginners. Once you’ve adjusted the machine to your desired length, it remains stable throughout your workout. Working on a stable surface makes moving at your own pace easier. 

Because Pilates is all about controlling your range of motion, working at your own pace is extremely important. 

Pilates World employs the strictest standards when choosing Pilates equipment, meaning we carry the strongest equipment, whether Pilates machines or ladder barrels, available to the Australian market.


  • What are the benefits of a Pilates ladder barrel?

    Ladder barrels are particularly good for working on your forward, backward and side bends. Getting acquainted with these muscle groups is fundamental when starting a Pilates routine. This makes ladder barrels a worthwhile investment, even if just a second-hand one. Those recovering from injuries may also want to find a ladder barrel for sale. This is because it can be adjusted to accommodate a smaller range of motion, which is particularly useful for those undergoing injury rehabilitation.

  • How do you use a Pilates ladder barrel?

    You’ll find that you don’t need to move much when you’re on a ladder barrel; a slight bend to the side, for instance, is enough for you to tap into your core muscles. Ladder barrels can also benefit those who are more advanced. There are several ladder barrel exercises that focus on inversions, or you can also use it to practise holding static poses like handstands. Some Pilates studios may have equipment such as reformers and ladder barrels, so feel free to ask your instructors for help when using these machines.

  • What size is a ladder barrel?

    Size is an important factor to consider when choosing a ladder barrel for sale. Barrel heights typically range from 90 to 95 cm in height. While you can’t adjust the actual height of the barrel, you can play around with moving it closer or further from the ladder.