Pioneer Pilates Foldable Wood Reformer | PP-07-WD - Australia's original best foldaway

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Pioneer Pilates Wood Foldable Professional Reformer | PP-07 



Pioneer has been a leading Australian brand for over 6 years.  Pilates WORLD is an Australian-owned and operated company with over 10 years of know how in the industry. Leaders in foldaway designs.
This Pioneer model is the original and the best 

Pilates World Pioneer Pilates brings AUSTRALIA'S best value and most innovative, sturdy, foldable quality Maple reformer on the market. This version has a revolutionary new, fast-adjusting footbar system along with new wheel improvements for smooth glide. Comes with everything needed to get you training quickly (including jumpboard, straps and ropes) and comes delivered with minimal setup required. Sitting box shown is extra . See our site for options . 

Available in Black, Ivory, Coffee and Blush Vinyl.


  • Sturdy quality German BEECHWOOD  Timber frame 
  • 5 x graded steel springs. 2 x hard, 2 x medium, 1 x soft
  • Light yet strong frame construction makes fold away a breeze, and simply wheel it to a bedroom cupboard or possibly under a bed. Easy to transport in a car on the back seat as well.
  • Rope adjustments are done on the top of the carriage with a standard, easily adjustable cleat clamp system. 
  • The padded wood Jumpboard is made out of real wood and is far superior to a trampoline seen on cheaper models.
  • Super smooth and quiet carriage movements.

This Reformer is the best option for Pilates enthusiasts who require extra light and foldable solutions for home use or car traveling but demand a quality frame, carriage, fittings and the smoothest gliding system for a foldable reformer on the market. 

  • New Pioneer Pilates 8 wheel carriage system with high quality bearings and stainless steel rails for super smooth carriage glide
  • Durable braided ropes with Pioneer Pilates innovative cleated rope-clamping system allows for easy access and adjustability between exercises, and fast setup.
  • Adjustable high-density padded headrest (2 positions) for improved neck support
  • High-density padded shoulder rests
  • High Quality extra thick and durable new silent Double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of pilates exercises.
  • Adjustable 8 position footbar (with easy pull and unlock spring system)
  • Pulley risers and swivel pulleys to provide ergonomic rope angles for consistent resistance throughout range of motion during use
  • Extra high-density padded Jump Board included for comfort
  • Foot / ankle strap is now included. Eyelet bolt attachment points are included at the end of the frame 
  • Sitting box (not included /optional available at 10% off selected if bought within 4 weeks of purchase)

Warranty: As of November 1st 2023 | 2 years on parts, 3 years on the frame, and 120 days on the vinyl

Dimensions of Reformer Set-Up:  236cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 34cm (H)

Carriage Dimensions (Padded Area): 73cm (L) x 60cm (W)

Dimensions of Crate: 137cm (L) x 64cm (W) x 47cm (H)

Reformer Collection: Collect In-Crate in Ute or Van; Or Collect Out-of-Crate in SUV with back seats down.


Everything need to get started is included.

  • Conveniently and easily folds away for storage and transportation
  • Easy to move - includes 2 base wheels to pivot and roll away
  • Removable standing platform
  • 5 deluxe smooth springs - 2x light 2x Medium 1x Strong
  • Unfolds into a full metal Pilates Reformer Machine

Comes standard with the following included:

  • Double loop Straps
  • Ropes
  • Jump Board
  • Foot Strap

New Pioneer Pilates carriage system
The new design that comes standard with the Pioneer Pilates foldable reformer features 8 high quality bearings and stainless steel rails for buttery smooth carriage glide, without buildup of excess lubricant.

Durable braided ropes with Pioneer Pilates cleated rope-clamping system
The Reformer comes with durable braided ropes and an easy rope-clamping system for easy access and adjustability, even mid exercise!

Adjustable (2 positions) high-density padded head rest
The Pioneer Pilates metal foldable Reformer has a signature high-density padded EVA foam head rest for neck support while in use.

High-density padded shoulder rests
This reformer also features EVA padding on the shoulder rests for even more comfort while using the machine. Just because you're exercising doesn't mean you have to strain.

Double-loop straps
Comes with double looped straps to provide up to 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) enabling a wider range of pilates exercises

Adjustable footbar (8 Positions)
This Reformer has an adjustable footbar with 8 positions available. Versatility for a more customised setup

Pulley risers with swivel pulleys
The pulley risers with swivel pulleys ensure that the ropes provide ergonomic angles for your hands, feet or sandals, regardless of the exercise

Jump Board included
This Reformer comes with a Jumpboard with no additional cost (Not standard with most other models)

Simply folds and unfolds
This Reformer folds in the middle so you can put it away conveniently and easily for storage and transportation. Once folded, simply unfold into a full reformer!

5 Deluxe smooth springs, included
Enjoy 2 light, 2 medium and 1 strong spring. Most other foldaway models have only 4 springs.

Whether you are worried about your floors or just want to ensure cleanliness, we offer a Pilates Reformer Protective Mat as well.

Specifications & Setup Instructions

Net Weight: 55kg when set up

Dimensions when Footbar is fully extended: Length: 239cm   Width: 60cm     Height: 45cm

Folded with footbar attached:Length: 138cm   Width: 60cm     Height: 45cm

Footbar can be removed for compact storageLength: 126cm 

Carriage load:
Max user weight limit: 130kg
Max Height: Up to 6ft or 183cm

Warranty: As of November 1st 2023 | 2 years on parts, 3 years on the frame, and 120 days on the vinyl

dowload setup instructions for this reformer

view maintenance instructions online


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Customer Reviews

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Love this Pioneer Foldable beechwood frame reformer

Very happy with this well-engineered Pioneer foldable reformer. Love the smoothness and how quiet it is. The adjustable footbar is much better than other foldable brands and that was an important feature. Pilates World were brilliant to deal with.