Sitting Boxes for Reformers

At Pilates World, we are proud to offer you an assortment of sitting boxes to modify your Pilates reformer exercises. Sitting boxes are essential Pilates equipment to make the activity more accessible for beginners or more challenging for seasoned practitioners. Apart from the reformer itself, no other Pilates equipment is as versatile for all levels, making sitting boxes essential tools for any studio or individual practice. 

Sitting boxes to modify the difficulty of Pilates 

Sitting boxes are padded boxes that you can prop on your reformer machine to modify the difficulty of Pilates exercises. A sitting box for Pilates can be used to support oneself through different movements, making each sitting and standing posture less strenuous for beginners. Conversely, you can use a sitting box for Pilates to introduce balance exercises and increase the range of motion each move requires, effectively intensifying the challenge of the workout. 

Our sitting boxes can enhance every aspect of your Pilates routine as a beginner or a seasoned practitioner. Each sitting box for Pilates features: 

  • Ergonomic and padded design for comfort during postures
  • Durable construction to support various body weights and movements
  • Multi-purpose functionality for both seated and standing exercises

Modify your Pilates practice with sitting boxes, the versatile Pilates equipment you need to make your routine more accessible or more intense. Shop our range of Pilates sitting boxes for your home or studio reformer machine! Our sitting boxes are compatible with all makes and models of reformers and come in various sizes. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, and our team at Pilates World can help you determine which Pilates sitting box is best for your reformer. We also offer a variety of reformers, including used, commercial and home machines. Get them at special discounts and deals here at Pilates World!


  • How do sitting boxes enhance my Pilates practice?

    Sitting boxes elevate your Pilates routine by offering an ergonomic seating option to support proper alignment during exercises. The stability they provide allows you to focus on engaging the right muscles without straining. Additionally, sitting boxes can make exercises such as balancing and core workouts more intense.

  • What exercises can I perform using sitting boxes in Pilates?

    Plenty! You can do almost any seated, standing or prone exercise on a sitting box in Pilates, so long as it’s positioned correctly on your reformer. These exercises include the popular reformer footwork, splits, leg circles, glute bridges and knee stretches.

  • Are sitting boxes suitable for beginners in Pilates?

    Absolutely! Sitting boxes are designed to modify all levels of reformer Pilates, including beginners. These are essential Pilates equipment for support and stability. As a beginner, you can focus on building foundational core strength and proper posture that you’ll need for the harder workouts later! Our user-friendly designs offer a comfortable introduction to Pilates exercises.

  • How do sitting boxes help with improving posture in Pilates?

    Proper posture is essential to maximising the benefits of Pilates. Our sitting boxes serve as a stable surface to sit or stand on. This encourages you to engage your core muscles and reinforces good posture on and off the reformer machine.

  • Are there different sizes or heights of sitting boxes for various Pilates exercises?

    Yes! Sitting boxes are available in small, medium and large sizes here at Pilates World. Some exercises might require a higher box setting to provide adequate support, while others benefit from a lower box for increased challenge. Our sitting boxes have a short and long side, giving you the flexibility to position the box based on the height and width requirement of individual exercises.