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New and improved 2023 model with upgraded Footbar and Pulley Risers 
Stunning Beechwood Timber Package.

This beautiful Beechwood studio-grade reformer is the complete package with Jumpboard, Sitting Box , standing platform and Hand & Foot Straps. Limited stock, so be quick....

Features included: Standing Platform, Jumpboard, Commercial Grade Springs, 8 wheel dual angle treaded roller system, Easy Pull-Drop Foot Bar, Adjustable Foot strap, Pulley Rises, Sturdy Beechwood Frame, Jump Board & Sitting Box

Specific Components:

  • New - Easy Pull-Drop FootBar on outside of frame
  • Adjustable Pulley Risers with swivel pulleys - ergonomic rope angle during use
  • Durable braided ropes with PILATES MASTER cleated rope-clamping system which allow for easy access and adjustability
  • Commercial grade Springs: 2x green (Light) 2x yellow (Medium) 1x red (Hard)
  • Detachable padded Jump Board & Standing Platform
  • Includes Standard Sitting Box
  • 8-wheel "dual-angle treaded roller" system 
  • Wide, high-density EVA foam Padded Carriage is soft but supportive
  • Adjustable high-density padded headrest (2 positions) for neck support
  • Removable high-density padded shoulder rests
  • Double-loop straps provide 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises
  • The adjustable feet-anchor strap at base of the reformer adds stability and helps improve posture while performing additional exercises
  • Hand-sanded beechwood frame

    Warranty: 1 Year, 120 Days on the Vinyl.

    Reformer Dimensions when Set-Up:

    236cm L x 67 cm W x 42cm H x 120kg

    Reformer in Crate Dimensions:

    242cm L x 75cm W x 51cm H x 125kg


    Setup Instructions

    dowload setup instructions for this reformer
    view maintenance instructions online


    At a glance:

    • Conveniently and Easily folds away for storage, transportation and convenience
    • Five Deluxe Smooth Springs, 2x green (light resistance) 2x yellow (medium resistance) 1 x red (hard resistance) with removable standing platform
    • Pulley Risers with swivel pulleys provide ergonomic angle of ropes
    • Deluxe Detachable padded jump board


    Dimensions: L 233cm x W 65cm x Carriage Height 41.5cm 
    Weight: 60 kg 
    Warranty: 1 Year, 120 Days on the Vinyl



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