Pioneer Pilates Full Trapeze

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  • High quality springs
  • Detachable padded jump board (included)
  • Large Sitting box (included)
  • Built-in standing platform (included)
  • Included accessories valued at over $560
  • Beautiful hand-sanded European Beechwood Frame
  • Soft high-quality loops pads
  • 2 position headrest
  • Optional Cadillac version
  • Easy access and adjustability durable braided ropes
  • Adjustable high-density padded headrest (2 positions)
  • 8 additional stainless steel deluxe springs (2 x Red Strong, 2 x Yellow Medium, and 2 x Long)
  • Removable high-density padded shoulder rests
  • Padded double-loop straps
  • Wide standing platform
  • Pair of deluxe fluffy hand straps
  • Reformer: 2350mm L x 680mm W x 600mm H
  • Frame: 2100mm H
  • Weight: 135kg

Elegant and Beautiful Beechwood Frame

This reformer has a beautiful hand-sanded European Beechwood Frame. The beechwood was chosen as it is responsibility grown and harvested overseas and will look beautiful as a centrepiece for any studio.

Included accessories valued at over $560

This Reformer includes over $560 of accessories (not included in other models) for free.

Includes Large Sitting box, Detachable padded jump board and Built-in standing platform

High quality springs

With five deluxe smooth springs, (2x green, light resistance 2x yellow, medium resistance 1x red, strong resistance) and 6 additional stainless steel deluxe springs (2 x Red Strong, 2 x Yellow Medium, and 2 x Long) you will be able to feel the difference with these deluxe smooth springs.

Quick-Release Adjustable footbar with non-slip padding

The quick-release adjustable footbar features non-slip non-sticky padding.

2 position headrest

The adjustable, high-density padded headrest with 2 positions for neck support

Removable high-density padded shoulder rests

The high-density quality EVA non-warping foam is perfect for providing good comfort while still keeping the structural integrity of the shoulder rests

Optional Cadillac version

The Pioneer Pilates Full Trapeze also comes in a Cadillac version for clients who require a solid platform on the bed of the reformer, rather than the moving carriage.

Easy access and adjustability durable braided ropes

The new Pilates Master cleated rope-clamping system takes advantage of the durable braided ropes for easy access and adjustability

Keeping the Pulley Risers adjustable with swivel pulleys provide you with an ergonomic angle of the ropes, regardless of the exercise you are doing.

Pair of padded double-loop deluxe fluffy hand straps

Comes with a pair of padded double-loop straps right out of the box. These double-loop deluxe fluffy hand grips provide you with 3 different grip configurations (hand/foot/sandal) for a wider range of Pilates exercises

Wide standing platform

This reformer features a wide standing platform that is inserted into existing smaller platform


Protective Mat

Whether you are worried about your floors or just want to ensure cleanliness, we offer a Pilates Reformer Protective Mat as well.


Warranty: 1 year on parts, 120 days on upholstery/vinyl

* Dimensions TBA & TBC. If you would like them before this page is updated, please contact us.


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