Boost Your Pilates Routine With the Best Pilates Equipment for Home

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Staying fit and active is important to have a balanced lifestyle. 

When you don’t want to lift heavy weights, or you want to skip the gym, Pilates is the perfect exercise for you. Pilates is a good low-impact exercise effective for toning up, building lean muscle, and improving posture.  

Are you planning to start a Pilates practice at home? Grab the best equipment from Pilates World. We offer high-quality Pilates health equipment like the best-selling Pilates Reformer at our Gold Coast store. 

Whether you’re an expert or beginner at Pilates, the right equipment can surely develop your strength, flexibility, and balance.  

At Pilates World, we have a comprehensive range of new and used Pilates equipment which includes foldable reformers, standard reformers, half trapeze, full trapeze, ladder barrels, spine correctors, Wunda chairs, arc barrels and more. 

Need to keep your equipment in top shape? We’ve got you covered. At Pilates World, you’ll find top-quality sitting boxes, hand straps, ropes, foot straps, neck pillows, and springs.  


For Pilates accessories and equipment that are second to none, choose Pilates World.   


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