Choosing the Right Reformer for Your Home Workouts

Choosing the Right Reformer for Your Home Workouts

Reformer machines are extremely popular amongst Pilates fans, and chances are you’ve seen a few of these machines at your local Pilates studio or fitness centre.

When using a reformer, you’ll be working with three main components: a moving platform, weighted springs and ropes. Because Pilates is all about stability and muscle control, lots of exercises done on the reformer involve slowly pushing and pulling your weight against the machine.

Reformers have become so popular that many are beginning to invest in home reformers as a way to level up their Pilates sessions.

Reformers are one of the pricier Pilates equipment on the market, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right machine. Let’s go through some key factors you should consider when buying a Pilates reformer machine for your home.


This is the first factor you need to consider when shopping around for a Pilates reformer for your home. Aside from having enough space to actually use the machine, you want to make sure that you can safely store your reformer too. 

The good news is that many of the best Pilates reformers for home use are made for easy storage. Some reformers have handlebars and footrests that can be folded in when they’re not in use, making it easy to store your reformer flat under your bed. 

On the other hand, some reformers can be stored upright since they’re made of lighter materials. 

If space is an important issue for you, you’ll also want to look for home reformers with wheels so that you can easily transport your machine to and from storage. 


The best Pilates reformers for home use are those what use high-quality materials. Reformers tend to be fitted in either a wooden or steel aluminium frame, both of which are extremely durable. 

Aside from the frame of your reformer, you’ll also want to consider the carriage itself. The ideal carriage is one that can withstand heavy loads so that you feel secure during your workout. 

Lots of carriages are made of high-density foam, which may be an important factor if you need lots of support for your joints. 

Lastly, take a look at the ropes that come with your reformer. These ropes should be wide enough so as not to dig into your wrists or legs as you exercise. 


The springs on your reformer are what add resistance to your workout, as attaching them onto the mat makes your carriage heavier.

Depending on your fitness level, you may need a Pilates reformer machine for your home that features several types of spring loads. These springs are commonly colour-coded according to their weight. Some machines have up to five springs, making these ideal for those who regularly exercise with the goal of building strength and endurance

You can also look at the ropes and straps of a machine, as this will help you stay in proper alignment. Some machines need you to adjust the ropes according to your height before use, while others have retractable ropes and straps.


Many Pilates reformers for home use come with features such as adjustable headrests and shoulder pads that provide additional support. 

Carriage stoppers are also worth considering, as these can help increase the longevity of your home reformer. These stoppers can also give you peace of mind while exercising since you don’t need to worry about banging your machine around. 

Jump boards, foot bars and sitting boxes increase the amount of exercises you can do on your reformer, allowing you to get lots of mileage out of your investment. These may also come with non-slip padding. 

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Now that you know all the basics in picking a reformer for your home gym, you should now be ready to shop for one yourself. Owing to its popularity, there are several types of reformer machines available that can suit your space, safety and even budget needs. 

At Pilates World, we’ve selected the top reformers for homes in Australia with the goal of making Pilates safe and accessible for everyone. Our Pilates reformers for home use are comparable to those you’ll see in fitness studios. 

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