The Benefits Of Reformer Pilates For A Full-Body Workout

The Benefits Of Reformer Pilates For A Full-Body Workout

Pilates focuses on functional movement, which means that many exercises can be done simply by using your body weight. However, as with all forms of exercise, it is normal to hit a plateau after doing Pilates for a few weeks, months or even years.

Even seasoned trainers and wellness coaches hit plateaus now and then. This is why it is important to alter your routine either by trying out new exercises or adding resistance to moves you’re already used to.

In this article, we’ll give a brief introduction to how the reformer works before outlining a few key benefits of trying out this machine.

What is a Pilates reformer?

A reformer is a type of Pilates machine that consists of weighted springs, bungee cords and a moveable platform or bed. Most exercises are done while you’re on the moving platform, which adds some cardio to your routine as you’ll be transitioning to different Pilates positions, all while trying to be as stable as possible.

You can adjust the weighted springs to add more or less support, depending on your exercise. If you want more support while doing a squat hold, you’ll want to increase your spring load. However, a lighter spring load can make reverse abdominal crunches easier to execute.

Why should you use a Pilates reformer?

While the types of movements done on the mat are the same as on a Pilates reformer machine, a few key factors make reformers stand out. These are:

  • Variable resistance 
  • Faster pace and higher intensity
  • Heightened mental focus 


As mentioned in Healthdirect Australia, weighted springs play a big role in reformer Pilates. The springs add tension to the main platform, making it easier or harder to move.

Adding resistance can be hard when working on the mat with bodyweight exercises. You can supplement these workouts with small weights or resistance bands, but sometimes those additions aren’t enough.

When you’re on a Pilates reformer, adjusting your resistance is as easy as adding or removing a few springs. In fact, moving the reformer bed on its own with no springs attached can provide lots of resistance for those new to this type of Pilates machine.

Pace and intensity

Pilates is typically considered a low-impact exercise, but those looking to sweat it out a bit more should hop on a reformer.

Transitioning between different exercises and adjusting your springs already adds a bit of cardio to your routine. While you will eventually get the hang of these transitions as you familiarise yourself with the exercises, the constant shift between standing, kneeling and seating positions doesn’t get any less tiring.

While the goal of any Pilates class is to control your movements, doing so on a moving platform significantly increases the difficulty. If you’re used to holding planks, imagine doing so while your legs are wobbling on the reformer platform.


A Pilates reformer machine has many moving parts, all of which you’ll need to be mindful of when exercising. It’s normal to be scared of the machine — whether new or used — if you’re using it for the first time, especially because the constant movement can make it seem like you’ll fall at any moment.

It can be frustrating to find out that you can’t lunge as low on the reformer as you typically do on the mat, but the tradeoff is a heightened sense of awareness of how well you’re balancing, where your muscles are placed on the machine and so on.

You may move slower and in a smaller range when you’re on the reformer, which will greatly improve your concentration. The Better Health Channel correlates Pilates with improved focus and overall mental health. It can also be rewarding to find that you’ve become used to the reformer and are no longer intimidated by it.

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A reformer is a worthy investment for any home gym, especially if you already have Pilates equipment at home. This versatile Pilates machine allows you to change up your routine as you see fit, thereby maximising the chances of pushing through an exercising plateau.

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