Aussie Metal Foldaway Reformer

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Aussie Pilates New High tech wall stackable retractable professional reformer foldaway

This reformer is wall stackable and offers the option of fitting easily under your bed
Designed to be used by professionals as it has:

  • Five graded springs (1 red high strength, 2 green middle strength, 1 yellow low strength
  • Pulley risers
  • Standing padded platform
  • Quality carriage with 8 wheel system
  • Adjustable cleats on carriage
  • Very sturdy quality frame that is super smooth and quiet
  • Adjustable footbar angel (very important for different heights, and different exercises)
  • Optional jump board available for an extra $100
  • This reformer has better features than any reformer in Australia. A adjustable football is essential

Key Points of this professional foldaway

  • Heavy duty carriage with 8 wheel cracking systems that will support a 130kg user
  • It comes with pulley risers and also cleats on top of carriage for easy adjustments
  • High strength quality aluminium frame
  • Most efficient foldaway on the australian market
  • Optional legs to add on

Dimensions: 172 x 70 x 34
Folded: 160 x 70 x 34
Unfolded: 172 x 70 x 34
Weight: 71 kg


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